Reshaping digital preservation

A holistic approach to digital preservation

Ensuring future access to today’s digital data is a constant challenge. As data volume grows, complexity and risk increase. Migration-based preservation strategies are costly, involve a risk of data loss and do not address the core of the problem; the need for data security and future-proof access.

Our ambition is to reshape digital preservation with a holistic approach. We make your valuable data secure and accessible regardless of future technological developments. Our solution is designed for maintaining the integrity of your data whilst ensuring they can be reproduced at some point in the future.

Lifting film into the digital era

By combining innovative research and development with well-proven technology, we have developed an OAIS (Open Archival Information System) compliant solution for digital preservation. We transform photosensitive film into a digital preservation medium, similar to what was done with magnetic tape some years back. Our solution is as easy to use as any other digital technology, but with a unique security, integrity and longevity.


By storing your digital data in archival file formats on our unique piqlFilm, repetitive migrations are no longer needed. You avoid the risk of migrationrelated corruption and data loss, you’ll save time and get a more predictable long-term cost.


Your data is preserved securely on a true WORM (Write Once, Read Many) medium, making it impossible to manipulate or delete your valuable data.


Operated within a standard IT environment, your data is fully searchable. You’ll find what you need, whenever you need it.


Photosensitive film is known to berobust with proven long-term qualities, and piqlFilm is tested together with its packaging to last for 500 years. Although your time perspective may be shorter, you can trust that your data will remain intact.


Depending on your needs you can store your data in computer readable digital format or as human readable text or images. You can also combine the two for additional security.


We make data retrieval independent of access to specific technologies or vendors. For disaster recovery, all you need is a light source and any type of digital camera and computer. Readable text explains how to reproduce your files.